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Sep 5, 2008

“...and everything is going to the beat - It's the beat generation, it be-at, it's the beat to keep, it's the beat of the heart, it's being beat and down in the world and like oldtime lowdown and like in ancient civilizations the slave boatmen rowing galleys to a beat and servants spinning pottery to a beat...”
- Jack Kerouac quote

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Transcribed by Everyzing
ten and a half years ago

Play Here 0:00:01 Yeah.
Play Here 0:00:05 Tennis community and hello welcome. I can. World.
Play Here 0:00:35 Mother and dad have a big next. O\'Reilly. Thank you Todd Hundley met a couple of weeks ago you ask him questions about the beat generation. And I\'m going to try to provide some answers and its new term which you acknowledge that time. Can\'t. -- fountain head of knowledge in this for god is Allen Ginsberg AB generations poet who\'s going to condemn it and put together in -- book which she cools. Howell. HOW. Ill. Q does that the rise and wistful as of the beat generation we have doctor Margaret mead the world famous sociologists and anthropologists whose newest book. People and places came out just yesterday. Got to me just in passing them. And that\'s quite a passing we\'re doing -- adjunct professor of anthropology at Columbia and associate curator of technology. At the museum of natural history. As usual and understand our discussion under -- full head of steam I just want to ask a brief question to which I would appreciate you both give me a brief. For the benefit of our audience. Who have. Sometimes red underwear and sometimes known something about it but not all about and talk to me would you be kind enough to tell me what is the definition of -- neck. It\'s mainly shares to present for a group of young people who were interest in the -- not engaged in the kind of society we have. Travel around and automobiles and great deal with a good lot of addresses and the men usually wear beards. All right you as a man with a bid mr. Ginsburg what is your answer what is your definition of the beat generation.
Play Here 0:02:09 My -- new. India and you being my and I don\'t know definitions. Things word and so visually -- people into the hearts of fiscal.
Play Here 0:02:19 All right snaps you can that you consider this a word of -- very impressed. On the other hand it is there where that is then headline in magazine not go from Panama. Best magazine isn\'t it and I newspapers. And it\'s and it seemed to justify a generation that is not typified in any other way you are under any other. Handing -- my resident Andrew.
Play Here 0:02:42 That\'s. Our best main newspapers and newspapers are quite corrupt in the sense -- when defenders of any kind of other things to make any sort of sadistic angles or anything final necessarily. The first principle any modern journalism.
Play Here 0:02:57 Manila for a delicacy. Good magazines would say that the to be ethnic or the beat generation and those vulgarity in itself. Work history -- principal Lewis their starter for the most you\'ve compared to defend that position. -- their position yet now we are positioned.
Play Here 0:03:15 Well you know I don\'t feel like defending myself.
Play Here 0:03:18 Hi dad got me. Now you can you explain what you why why do you want to experimental on the card. Well I -- mr. Ginsburg to the extent that we do. In the mass media today ten to kind of made his name.
Play Here 0:03:37 Please. I was tired yeah.
Play Here 0:03:46 He said.
Play Here 0:03:49 it\'s. Okay.
Play Here 0:04:01 News papers from Cisco. Slip me.
Play Here 0:04:17 Being ladies and gentlemen. This is the dominant. And welcome to the -- again. I would like to be done random -- Did you know. That\'d be great we\'ll. Can play good drive or we\'ll thank you it\'s. And I believe that my father did. But the old thing for the bank. And that we do everything they -- Along. -- news. Then go around. And women playing and it\'s. Who disappeared but the common denominator of the making of the great. McClellan -- yeah.
Play Here 0:05:27 Yeah why can\'t.
Play Here 0:05:30 Today who. With a -- it\'s. You know it\'s. And then whoever thought that today. Abraham Lincoln. We\'ve got to move like some kind of -- and watching them. Right. And then that is. Three day waiting period on matters like me. In the city. People one. The big candidate -- all the news tonight or. Can be done and what we\'re. In the mail me. One. -- whether they need full original exploration. We\'ll return it\'s. Something and I. Would like to win this. Then with the updated. Moment my. Bands in the well another man\'s life. My --
Play Here 0:07:07 I move team is thinking it. I\'m good good good I\'m really --
Play Here 0:07:18 I love -- oh do you live. I played the battle goes and goes good dad. Really dig through -- I don\'t -- squares back. Okay classes in the new. Don\'t hit me right let this thing. I call my girlfriend\'s father -- video. I don\'t big squares and their terrifying.
Play Here 0:08:23 I like to tell them good news division.
Play Here 0:08:27 I think both can. I\'m going to keep your -- really didn\'t. I would rather like they did -- I don\'t back. I don\'t -- squares mandate. A -- And wounded square as a man they just don\'t understand.
Play Here 0:08:55 Maybe there\'s -- gentlemen and welcome -- Romans cafe bizarre where we there that I can make casino -- sodomy -- as -- on them -- government -- my name is Stevenson Phillips. Item of fire movie tourists. Primerica also being but. Already because I\'ve made the same thing goes to coastal Kerouac Ginsberg area there\'s ever going be his bread and brains and Richard activists --
Play Here 0:09:28 News needles. We. Your --
Play Here 0:09:35 There\'s -- titles stretching eastward the story of one Horton flights back and forth across this wonderful land. Stretching he\'s -- broken cement turnpike. And I -- Howard Johnson . Speed limit 68. Cars go okay you both giving up our rights and weaving rotting driving -- return. That includes living by an occasional towns often never -- off the road. No time. Probably just there wake. Brief flirtations. And -- and off again quick. Never stopped -- questioned what back hell is an east. But that -- is pretty. Well I\'m of course never -- I guess because I\'ve been rebelling most of my life. You know I cannot remember how it feels to grow into by word -- by you and I cannot remember. -- my teachers and I was anti social and was rebelling but try to make me conform by forcing me to feedback hams