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Sep 21, 2008

Socialism for the Rich, Capitalism for the Poor
Welcome to the U.S.S.R. (United States Socialist Republic)

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over eight years ago

John Beck Real Estate
ten and a half years ago

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Art Paul Schlosser
over ten years ago

Thanks so much for playing my song and I hope you continue to fight the good fight

Transcribed by Everyzing
ten and a half years ago

Play Here 0:00:05 Tennis community and hello welcome. I can. World.
Play Here 0:00:57 It\'s opens a whole.
Play Here 0:01:06 He knows the previous sale as 100 -- in the leads to a purchase. Let me.
Play Here 0:01:29 I don\'t regret using these.
Play Here 0:01:31 You can create an appetite in the prospect and customer --
Play Here 0:01:34 Well. Yeah. And.
Play Here 0:01:40 Doll for the very first time telling is not limited just to people\'s clothes salesman. For we all have something to --
Play Here 0:01:50 The doctors felt his patient hello -- did you worry. The past themselves. Examined and congregation the love ourselves his loved his we\'ve done the peanut -- them.
Play Here 0:02:03 We goal. Not the yeah everybody coming together playing hearts and minds and spirits just as a musician and an orchestra harmonized musical tells. They create a -- symphony of prosperity.
Play Here 0:02:24 Now you can have this amazing new sends me. Right do your own home.
Play Here 0:02:33 He can create an appetite and introspective customers.
Play Here 0:02:36 It doesn\'t tell me -- hungry passion -- him.
Play Here 0:02:44 The lovers felt his love -- we are.
Play Here 0:02:48 We don\'t have okay.
Play Here 0:02:54 And a mighty symphony of prosperity. We.
Play Here 0:02:57 All filming we -- all filled.
Play Here 0:03:00 He can create an appetite when everybody felt the and everybody down. We create a mandolin and emotional climate of friendliness and good will. I enjoy -- and a happy adventure and yeah.
Play Here 0:03:23 Now you can have this amazing new.
Play Here 0:03:29 You can PP. The.
Play Here 0:03:34 Friendliness and good will -- midfielder Julio. That makes buying her -- and you\'re -- Happy adventure about -- your room. We\'ve got all -- not from the remedy. Symphony of prosperity. Wow .
Play Here 0:03:53 anything you symphony. Profitable amber -- symphony of prosperity and I -- Totally alien. Now you can have missiles pleasing new album.
Play Here 0:04:12 You can you can go you can you can you can now everywhere in the coming out of their degree and I think you can yeah partner in hell yeah. You -- have felt good -- know if you can -- it does in the open mind your business I don\'t know if you -- now where you can. Okay.
Play Here 0:04:45 It\'s. The blue yeah create in my.
Play Here 0:05:00 Now you can --
Play Here 0:05:04 Only yeah. Very easily amused send me right he I don\'t know -- I\'m. Yeah -- and local -- and in.
Play Here 0:05:17 I didn\'t inside -- things. Then we can you can. You guys. It\'s.
Play Here 0:08:50 They may. -- sport as. You only feel you. You go to. The rebels can. Now there was okay. -- the -- Hurts more you\'ll want these securities are wishful. Real estate. I. Today. With state. Okay yeah. -- yeah. It was. It is now.
Play Here 0:09:59 Realistically. I don\'t know -- go oh yeah. It -- patients.
Play Here 0:10:14 this -- The filter. And have -- with anything. I don\'t know -- don\'t you tell. Realist -- in the mistake I made it to the days worth -- It is today. Real -- Realistically. Okay. We\'ll -- No -- in the states. Yeah. We\'ll -- cut. America\'s economy is facing unprecedented challenges. We were taught me. What -- president.
Play Here 0:12:47 Such as troubled mortgage. From banks. Other financial institutions. Our system of free enterprise rests on the conviction. That the federal government should be interference in the marketplace. Only when necessary.
Play Here 0:13:16 It\'s.
Play Here 0:13:45 Yeah. Yeah.
Play Here 0:14:36 Yeah. For those -- your interest in the real world. -- look at the actual history suggests just how. Modification treat her here 2 really this market -- that he won\'t actually lives. And the principle of really existing free market theory is free markets -- For me. That\'s ten million dollars says use. The you have to learn the ability to be subjective. Discipline and good character. Clue who -- I mean did any stay. Yes -- no other brands of okay -- Send us. Many states. And also this risk and her who have had problems I don\'t hate groups. So it. Third World debt is at.
Play Here 0:16:10 It\'s.
Play Here 0:16:15 American investment firms didn\'t throw me. You fill out. And live. Case after case the in fact don\'t need. Media friends you know. In the -- Let me. -- into. -- benefit. Industrial policy signs. Intervention -- yeah I\'ll call 800. Stayed in their -- he\'s twenty. Total disaster. That is last. By just State\'s -- Yeah yeah talk about globalization economy remember the nanny state as being very powerful and ordered a bill really.
Play Here 0:17:15 Nothing is changing and very very right out of a hundred again. Were saved from collapse by this including a number here. Give -- sister really enterprise rests on the conviction that the federal programs are addressed in the legislation. Only the federal government should interfere and that the federal government should be interfering banks and and other financial adjustable mortgages -- and -- institutions. Our system of free enterprise -- to a free enterprise rests on the conviction given the precarious -- given the precarious -- given to prepare.
Play Here 0:17:46 Ever when you\'re excluding him closing houses each and everyone who -- should work and because our founding fathers gave us free enterprise . Americans can choose the kind of work. The summer months.
Play Here 0:19:50 From banks know we keep hearing.
Play Here 0:19:57 Advise -- always.
Play Here 0:20:09 We\'re really help from New -- Bottom of my. God is twice. And spurts and then --
Play Here 0:21:01 Media person can star. Thank you know we\'ll. The gardeners found a row.
Play Here 0:22:37 There have been.
Play Here 0:23:35 So we\'ll call him. The --
Play Here 0:24:08 Side who -- Need mama and things.
Play Here 0:25:33 Well -- the man who owns a card. I\'ll -- arm me mama. Blue government. Reduce the good -- witness that they. -- He\'s the -- They\'re going to have a collection. Collection. Democrats. Well one. These involve -- Abraham Lincoln to.
Play Here 0:28:05 Cool cool