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Sep 22, 2010

Milestone: 5 years of podcasting

  • Turning 30, digging through box to find 10 year old demo tape 
  • Songs: "Enter", "Peace Eternal", "Eventual Undergrowth"
  • Music by Sean O'Connor
  • Recorded brainstorming story ideas for "Post-apocalypic Euphoria"
  • "Environ Riot", "Foolproof Plan B", "The Plagiarist"


Environ Riot

The teen riot got a bad rap
It was a passion a little bit confused
We stormed the wall and crushed the cup
We hit the nail and paved the rut
Obscured in legend, dashed in hopes
We upped the mountains and down the slopes
With a fist of rage we punched it through
We burned the bridge, now what's left to do?

I read about the suicide
It sunk in deep and opened my eyes
Pathetic screams of desperate souls
Pagan daft hate to fill in the holes
The kettle's boiling, adrenaline's rushing
Nostalgic kiss keeps a retro-girl blushing
The deck is stacked, it's a surefire bet
Fading away into a big screen sunset

We want the whole nine yards
Like the future is an empty dream
We sleep all day and dance all night
We scare the ghost and crash the kite
It's an inhibition that we set on fire
We're painting the town with sex and desire
Are you on a trip? Do you feel real shitty?
Envy-struck that your girlfriend's pretty

It's not a miracle drug
If the liquid isn't violent green
You shut off the light and hang up the phone
You open your mind and let in the unknown
It's a vivid dream, it's a wave of dim bliss
You wander the garden outside of the palace
If you lose control remember what's real
Break out the broken and deal the raw deal

The time bomb hit the crowd hard
It was a fire enough to light the fuse
They crashed the car and beat the road
They stirred the pot and rocked the boat
Cloaked in darkness, shadowed heart
We quit the ending and began the start
With determination we'll be on our way
Remember a past we call yesterday

I wonder if I'm killing time?
You bang the drum and wake up the night
Anxious kids with paranoid smiles
Cynical fear that nothing's worthwhile
The tides are turning, these times are changing
Everything is subject to constant rearranging
You forget the details and alter the truth
You label yourself a rebellious youth

It was a deadbeat, jacked up, ass kicking hi-and-run
It was a bonecrush, neckbreak, takedown all-in-one
We had a counterplan attitude: ripshit, ready to go
We had a rebel rage, street fight, punk riot, set to blow
Confined in suburb town, bored and lost
This revolution trend is at what cost?
Surrounded by pavement, listless fate
Parking lot tension, bottled up, repressed teenaged hate

© 1997 Adam Gratrix  

Foolproof Plan B

I'm a rock `n' roll junkie trippin' through the country
Jamming to a heartbeat, looking where to rest my feet
Met a dirty talking porn star lounging in a strip bar
"Tell ya how its gonna be", no-one makes a fool out of me
You can pop me like a pistol, the plan is clear as crystal
Fill in every single hole, "you say you wanna buy my soul?"

Annihilate every shred of truth
To make the back up plan foolproof
We'll save the day and learn to live our lives another way
We'll run away and live to fight again another day

I'm a rock `n' roll reject chillin' in the projects
Dancing to a breakbeat, sleeping here out on the street
I gotta find a new connection, packing for protection
In and out of alleyways, I'm gonna make it big some day
Perpetrate extortion to save you from abortion
I fall into a snake pit, a different day but same old shit

Eliminate any shade of doubt
To survive with no escape route
We'll save the day and learn to live our lives another way
We'll run away and live to fight again another day

I'm a rock `n' roll convert preachin' in the suburbs
Bitchin' to a deadbeat, waiting for a sucker to cheat
If Jesus is my witness he minds his fucking business
I took her to a cheap motel, everyone's got something to sell
"My normal life is boring; the water tastes like chlorine
I could fake a suicide and run away if you'll be my guide"

© 2002 Adam Gratrix

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