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Jun 25, 2007

TransCanada Transpondency

Adam Gratrix is on a 2 week adventure to discovery his Canadian identity.

A travelogue.

Part 1:
This was recorder the day before I left for Ontario, Wednesday June 20. I'm having a going away lunch with my friend and co-host Shyam, aka Dr. Lickalottapus of Foreskin Radio. We talk about our past 2 years of podcasting and reflect on how it has affected us. It's an appropriate way to kick off this series.

eleven and a half years ago

Man don\'t get so down. Podcast as if the recorder is a listener not an active participant (that what I learned from the podcast I like vs. those that I don\\\'t like). The more show-y they get the more forced they feel. At least you have content...that\'s the most important thing. I originally had ideas for my own show but I burned out (limited foresight on my part). Meeting you and listening to the scarborough dude I have a new found intrest (again)in podcasting. I think i\'ll come back with a new show of my own eventually.

eleven and a half years ago

Well alright...I just got a new recorder an olypus DS-30 and some noise canceling mics it\'s pretty sweet. Now I can start a new show. I think it will be another conversation show but i\'ll cover some topics on my own too. (I\'m getting feed up with people putting brampton/ the suburbs down...I think i\'ll have a rant on my first episode.

P.S I finally figured out what I wanted to say about Canada. Too bad it\'s horribly late.