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Jul 9, 2008

TransCanada Transpondency

Adam Gratrix continues on another 2 week adventure across Canada
with his travel companion Damien.

A travelogue, of sorts.

Part 10:
Special edition. The night before Adam leaves for home, the boys and him head into Toronto to meet up with a few of their podcaster friends along The Danforth, The Scarborough Dude of DicksNJanes podcast and Valerie of Description.

over eight years ago

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ten and a half years ago

In which case, on that point, I apologize.

ten and a half years ago

My intent, in recording, was not to cause controversy. I have an ill defined policy of not editing. I suppose this is one of the perils of new media. However, it\'s relevant to note, my friendship with Mark Blevis and subsequent emergence into the community resulted from offending comments I made during a drunken tirade on one of my early shows regarding the Canadian Podcast Buffet. In fact, my beef was fueled by my misinterpretation of a segment Scarborough Dude had done on rules of podcasting. He has a sly way of goading people into passionate reactions. Thus, I say, the blame falls on Ken.

over ten years ago

I don\'t know if I said anything offensive but I apologize. I\'m a pathological shit talker and will take a opposite stance on anything just because

Dave Brodbeck
ten and a half years ago

in vino veritas....

Dave Brodbeck
ten and a half years ago

I must defend myself by saying that I miss people now and then when I walk by them and they walk by because I am legally blind.

Dave Brodbeck
ten and a half years ago

Oh and leave poor Ken out of this, he is a good guy, and, one of the smartest people I know...