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Feb 14, 2013

"The essential point is to consider love as a spectrum. There is not, as it were just nice love and nasty love, spiritual love and material love, mature affection on the one hand and infatuation on the other. These are all forms of the same energy. And you have to take it and let it grow where you find it. When you find only one of these forms existing, if at least you will water it, the rest will blossom as well. But the effectual prerequisite from the beginning is to let it have its own way." ~ Alan Watts

LOVE IS an experience in consciousness, an experience in The Soul of Man, it is something that is a great releasing power , against the tyranny of personal Attitudes.

LOVE is placing something bigger than yourself, in the foreground of your life.

Love is not getting into various emotional situations, for profit, for gain,or for social standing.

There can NO selfishness and self centeredness in true affection.

Also LOVE cannot be bought, bartered or sold. It remains as it has always been, basically, the purest of ALL human emotions.

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