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Dec 24, 2010

"Junk is the ideal product… the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk necessary. The client will crawl through a sewer and beg to buy."William S. Burroughs


Dec 17, 2010

Wikileak is a prime example of the Global Carnival

clashing with remnants of the old Global Theatre

*Transparency is the enemy of Drama (Postdramatic)

Government & Democracy is a theatrical after image

Internet dissolves all boundaries, static institutions

Everyone is swallowed up by the digital masquarade

"But it's all...

Dec 1, 2010

Dig! The hipster is man who's in the know, grasps everything, is alert.  

In the vortex of the future of that cool tomorrow land,
we'll all wig there, play a gig there, in that great non-union
band. Scooba doo and Scooba daba. Life's a gass and life's a
grabba. Hip is hip and groove is groovy. Life's a wild...

Nov 13, 2010

The only Supreme Being is You.

Oct 30, 2010


Halloween Haunted House Special