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May 29, 2015

>> CLOUDS <<

Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere,
I've looked at clouds that way.

But now they only block the sun,
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done,
But clouds got in my way.

I've looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down and still somehow
It's cloud illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds at all

~ Joni Mitchell, from Both Sides Now


Richard Hamblyn's The Invention of Clouds talk


Demonstration of cloud shaping psychokinesis in August 2013.
Discussion of how to do cloud psychokinesis and photos from a cloud psychokinesis video.
A psychic by psychokinesis powers makes a cloud into a square shape cloud in August 2013.
A psychic uses psychokinesis weather control superhuman superpower to control clouds in the sky in August 2013.
Please excuse the strange sounding voice, it is necessary to speak like a low tone "humming" sound to get the proper brainwaves for cloud psychokinesis.
These cloud psychokinesis videos show that T. Chase may be the most powerful psychic in the world.
Video made in August 2013 by amateur psychic T. Chase.
Psychokinesis weather control of clouds.
This is also called cloudbursting, cloud bursting, cloudbusting, cloud busting, aerokinesis, atmokinesis, airbender, air bender, air-bender, telekinesis.
I, T. Chase, amateur psychic, focus on a cloud and change it by psychic ESP psychokinesis. Try it yourself.
So is this a wizard practicing wizardry or a sorcerer practicing sorcery?

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