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Dec 5, 2015


Alice's Psychedelic Adventures in Wonderland

150 years ago, the mathematician Charles Dodgson published his novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. Since then, the story of a young English girl following a white rabbit down a hole to a strange and curious world of nonsense and fantasy has become a permeating mixture in our culture.

50 years ago, a strange and curious new drug was making quite a scene with its potent power to cause both ecstatic hallucinations and paranoid panic. The drug, Lysergic acid diethylamide, known as LSD or acid, became popular with the 60s counterculture and infamous with anti-drug campaigners. The hyperbolic hysteria surrounding LSD fluctuated from spiritual enlightenment to DNA shattering insanity.

This audio experiment to synthesize these two cultural touchstones into one epic all encompassing composition of a psychedelic trip down the rabbit hole following Alice across Acidland, through the Looking Glass and passed what drugs she found there.