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Jan 4, 2008

  • Lydia Davis: "New Year's Resolution"

    Retro Movie Review: Beat Girl
    Paul, a divorced architect, marries Nichole, a woman from Paris. His teen daughter Jenny has fallen in with the English beatnik scene and likes to hang out in cave-like clubs to listen to jazz and rudimentary rock'n'roll. Jenny takes an immediate dislike to her mother-in-law, who is not that much older than she, and goes out of her way to make life miserable for Nichole. When Jenny discovers that Nichole is a friend of one of the strippers from the dance hall across the street, she investigates and uses Nichole's sordid past to embarrass her father. Meanwhile Jenny attracts the lecherous eye of Kenny, the owner of the dance hall.

  • Music from the Beat Girl Soundtrack
  • Magik Markers: "Tastes"
  • High Places: "New Grace"
  • The Black Lips: "Veni Vedi Veci (Diplo Remix)"
  • "Sindy Meets The Dolly Beats"
  • Michael Brown: "Rockin' With The Mods"
  • Edd "Kookie" Byrnes "Long Song While Dancing"
  • Gillian Hills: "Tomorrow Is Another Day"
  • Atlas Sound: "Requiem For All The Lonely Teenagers With Passed Out Moms"

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