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Jun 3, 2008

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over fourteen years ago

I just noticed that provides a computer generated transcription of podcasts. The following is for SubTrans-096. I find it both hilarious and profound. It\'s a kind of future poetry...

The actual title and legs and.
This is suburban trance want to see. I\'m angry -- And hanging out by the river. And it\'s just got to come on here it\'s kind of spitting rain and just got off work. And it\'s like 6:30 in the morning. The guys at the industrial area park place here in the mail I think it\'s male or something. They\'re start work. If I\'m looking at the fairy -- mark -- islands. This is little islands all along the Fraser river. Fraser river the at least through British Columbia and -- near Vancouver. In Parsons in the little islands it\'s as -- Chaka agricultural lands. -- in the middle of the river and that\'s pretty rural rules and done. And you can only get there by ferry. Once in the faring there. -- never been here before. So I just felt the need to see the river the river is really high right now it\'s you know spring. And sun not flooding yet but going to spring mountain they\'re gets pretty high and it\'s almost up to to there\'s little bridge that leads where the ferry docks. That\'s right up near the top of that. So much in the -- come over. It\'s kind of cool. Other go go over there because your. If you I don\'t live there in a release was sort of bring her car over there are supposed to drive there is park that I didn\'t you. At the at an assembly the western in tip of the islands. And that\'s kind of cool you can stand there and be right on the edge of of the river surrounded by the water -- ducks -- isn\'t isn\'t -- Wednesday. What is it -- an animal in the water. Look at and it\'s it\'s coming toward me swimming money fast it looks like an honor. Presented beaver and otter beaver is act. My -- under our former corporal. We aren\'t going to record forward with -- quick all around two things at once here. --
of fever is one underneath. I did Carol Carol worked on that to -- ago where to go broke. How Canadians I thought source of you are in the wild. What craft with a there is they\'re not talking or is because they got us here now. Yeah there\'s so I just -- beer. Did you hear the splash I don\'t know if you could and that. I\'m very excited and glad I came here today that\'s a beaver.
But and -- they\'re real reasoning you you come to a body of water. Is two. Is to reflect. Not in the reflection of the water because the Fraser river is pretty money but. With the help of that beaver.
Anyways we -- come here to reflect to come here to think. This is not there\'s there\'s a bit of a park area but it the path to the park is flooded out. But race I\'m going to -- that\'s podcasters cross borders. Right and and that\'s it isn\'t it said -- Kingston Ontario June 19 to be on June June 19 as -- June 19. 22 or so -- that the twentieth to 22 I think that sounds better anyways. Going out there podcast mentioned ticketed last year and a I was supposed to go with my body my AM podcasting. Cohorts we\'ve been podcasting to gather for this is our third year now we do four scan radio -- first came up with this thing it was. It\'s two men with four skin because we come from two different cultural backgrounds and in what do we have in common well force game and the show is a sexual kind of comedy show right in an -- Kind of special thing you know Sony product right. Working on this project for.
So long and I would be nice to go together as a team as we do what we podcast to go to conference. But that\'s not going to work out.
Not going to work out today there at this time around.
Because his doctor advised him that the.
That the years. Climate in the possible to heat wave there as he -- Plaster ornaments it would cause health problems to -- opted out that changes the whole outlook and the of the whole conference this -- around my whole outlook has changed. It\'s on been furiously trying to reconstructive. The itinerary of the of the trip so it looks like. Maybe spend some time in Montreal that\'s exciting. So anyways tournament. -- talking not talking enough here. -- if I can\'t find that beaver again -- place in music I\'m in a jazz mood this sort of -- some jazz music as a trying to get a better camera. Recording of the beaver and if I if I deal -- posted on the website you can see that and staff. So here\'s some jazz music. Sort of transparency.
So I thought I get this ideals. We\'ll bring them home. This -- that I got commission you don\'t know. And gave permission and write poems and Moses -- Together a book about it. -- observes actually the the fiftieth anniversary of so it\'s already big praise big home from exert and Jack Kerouac and understood router co. Sections I use a brand new technique was probably change poetry for ever. Which is actually -- yeah. We\'ll just take language okay relax and toss it into the home and then just so you don\'t think it\'s oral traditions have been quick. -- a reference. -- it\'s continually interrupting himself. -- text from which brings the novel. Poland so no it\'s -- Here in here this -- Obama .
Obama begins actual.
Sound collage room. Green injured and populist. Grass democratization. Interactivity but speaking writing heralding -- only -- an elderly talking. -- through sweet. We don\'t really. Hey there I\'m back.
We\'ll have to smoke in my home now.
My home my waited around to -- it to beaver would resurface blood -- Beaver does not resurface. And in that we\'re nowhere went but that\'s fine imac home on having a beer. Having it\'s it\'s called Boris called the bureau of the revolution there\'s a dude holding a flag. On the problems I swear if I drank the solution before it but I can\'t remember if I have. My values are those of the generation that has taken controls -- taken control of its existence in future. Boris -- it\'s French. Comes a little turner fifty milliliter bottle to really -- like it it\'s nice little. They\'ll -- little refreshment and I do enjoy it. Sitting on my deck now. And so quite damp it\'s been raining a b