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Jun 20, 2011

TransCanada Transpondency

an audio travelogue of sorts

The Scarborough Dude enthralls Adam and the Brampton Boys will his animated storytelling. They talk of his wealth of experience, Henry Miller, poetry, and podcasting. As a relevant addendum, audio of Henry Miller talking about the medium of recording, speech versus writing, and the future of creative expression.  

One Almost Might

Wouldn't you say,
Wouldn't you say: one day,
With a little more time or a little more patience, one might
Disentangle for separate, deliberate, slow delight
One of the moment's hundred strands, unfray
Beginnings from endings, this from that, survey
Say a square inch of the ground one stands on, touch
Part of oneself or a leaf or a sound (not clutch
Or cuff or bruise but touch with finger-tip, ear-
Tip, eyetip, creeping near yet not too near);
Might take up life and lay it on one's palm
And, encircling it in closeness, warmth and calm,
Let it lie still, then stir smooth-softly, and
Tendril by tendril unfold, there on one's hand ...

One might examine eternity's cross-section
For a second, with slightly more patience, more time for reflection?

~ ASJ Tessimond


"The Pan Am Connection" (mp3)
from "The Pan Am Connection"
(Shameless Records Canada)