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Jul 9, 2011

TransCanada Transpondency

an audio travelogue of sorts

In the lobby of the Lord Elgin, Adam, Brent and the Brampton Boys discuss transmedia, video games, storytelling, movies, and pornography. Adam gives his 5 minute jolt: Transcoincidentalism, a manifesto of the posthuman raconteur. PAB goodbyes: Scarborough Dude, Brent, John Meadows, Mark Blevis, Bob Goyeche, Mark Blaseckie, Dave Broadbeck, The Dyscultured Boys [guested on DYS140], Valerie. Westject pilot sings Northwest Passage and apologies for delay. Adam arrives late in Vancouver and does a brief PAB wrap down/up.    


"The Pan Am Connection" (mp3)
from "The Pan Am Connection"
(Shameless Records Canada)