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Jul 5, 2008

TransCanada Transpondency

Adam Gratrix continues on another 2 week adventure across Canada
with his travel companion Damien.

A travelogue, of sorts.

Part 9:
Now back home in Brampton, Damien and his brother Shaun show Adam a good time in suburbia. From one seedy stripclub to another, they burn off some lingering exuberance and, of course, some hard earned money. Then its time for friends to say goodbye until the next cross Canada adventure.

over fourteen years ago

I didn\'t want to leave a lame kinda gay facebook message but I missed having you around since ya left. I actually looking forward to the next time your out this way. Or maybe it will encourage me to go out that way sooner.

over fourteen years ago

We hung out together for 2 solid weeks. We didn\'t really get on each others nervous. I think we made a pretty good team. Sorry, I sold your stripper.

over fourteen years ago

I think we make a good team as well. Hanging out for two solid weeks I would think make most people crazy or at least not like each other (hence why I don\'t stay at people\'s houses and at most no longer then a week).