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Jun 25, 2007

TransCanada Transpondency

Adam Gratrix is on a 2 week adventure to discovery his Canadian identity.

A travelogue.

Part 1:
This was recorder the day before I left for Ontario, Wednesday June 20. I'm having a going away lunch with my friend and co-host Shyam, aka Dr. Lickalottapus of Foreskin Radio. We talk about our past 2 years of podcasting and reflect on how it has affected us. It's an appropriate way to kick off this series.

almost thirteen years ago

Man don\'t get so down. Podcast as if the recorder is a listener not an active participant (that what I learned from the podcast I like vs. those that I don\\\'t like). The more show-y they get the more forced they feel. At least you have content...that\'s the most important thing. I originally had ideas for my own show but I burned out (limited foresight on my part). Meeting you and listening to the scarborough dude I have a new found intrest (again)in podcasting. I think i\'ll come back with a new show of my own eventually.

almost thirteen years ago

Well alright...I just got a new recorder an olypus DS-30 and some noise canceling mics it\'s pretty sweet. Now I can start a new show. I think it will be another conversation show but i\'ll cover some topics on my own too. (I\'m getting feed up with people putting brampton/ the suburbs down...I think i\'ll have a rant on my first episode.

P.S I finally figured out what I wanted to say about Canada. Too bad it\'s horribly late.