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Aug 1, 2008

Woo-hoo! We've finally reached that magic number: one hundred!
But does episode counting really matter at this point?

I attended Pemberton Music Festival July 25-27

  • Selections of National Lampoon's Lemmings (1973)
    Cast: John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Garry Goodrow, Christopher Guest, Paul Jacobs, Mary-Jenifer Mitchell, and Alice Playten
  • "Stage Announcements" Performed by John Belushi
  • "Lemmings Lament" Lead vocal by Paul Jacobs (as David Crosby)
  • "Positively Wall Street" Lead vocal by Christopher Guest (as Bob Dylan)
  • "Papa Was a Running Dog Lackey of the Bourgeoisie" Lead vocal by Paul Jacobs
  • On route to Pemberton I got a chance to be on Lillooet Community Radio 100.5 FM
  • There was a major rock slide of the Sea to Sky Highway
  • Overview and summery of my Pemberton Festival experience
    sidenote: Gord Downie affectionately refers to it as "Pemby"
  • A collection of video clips:

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