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May 30, 2006

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No Intro, No Talking, Just The Music...

He's Her's: "Vanity Press"

Id Guinness: "Rising River"

The National Trust: "It's So Cruel"

Mikhalt: "Discotrak 360"

William S. Burroughs: "Just Say No To Drug Hysteria"

Deerfoot: "Elves On Patrol"

Andrea Thompson: "Revolution"
mashed-up with music by Broken Social Scene

Adrian Glynn: "Marianne"

Emm Gryner: "Bulletstorms"

another new email:
voicemail: 206-202-5191
myspace: transpondency

sidenote: Ooops! I must of screwed something up on monday and repost #28 by accident. My bad.

over fourteen years ago

I really like this episode. It allowed more flow for the music. Although, I do like your little narratives in past episodes.

over fourteen years ago

thanks. I actually had stuff to talk about. I just didn\'t feel like using my voice this time.

over thirteen years ago

Hey Adam ... just came across your site. Like what you\'re doing over there dude! Wanted to hear your mash up mix of (r)evolution, but can\'t find the episode. Where can I hear it?