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Dec 15, 2005

Blame Amy: "Perfect Fit"

Bradley: "So High" & "Aleen Obscene"

Daniel Karrasch: "Collective Sigh"

The Constantines: "Love In Fear"

Dec 14, 2005

Our first vidcast attempt

Kindra Rosgen: "Burning"

Thanks for viewing!

Dec 7, 2005

Semi-Live @ Jabez

Parlour Steps:"Libertine Takes A Lover" & "The Modern Today
from BC

Katie Davis: "She Hates Loves Songs" &"Los Angeles"
from Seatle, WA

Cherrybomb: "Failure Maker"
from Vancouver

in honour of John Lennon

Podsafe for Christmas: "If Everyday Were Christmas"

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Nov 30, 2005

Semi-Live @ Jabez

podsafe music network:
Tricky: "Evolution Revolution Love"
Elliot Smith: "Memory Lane"

Frenquency Fall: "Slow Down" & "Almost Over"
from Delta

Scott Jackson: "What Are we Waiting for?"
from Maple Ridge

featuring live music by Francis

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Nov 22, 2005

Semi-Live from
featuring Raja Anil
with music from Tom Waits
and Brights Eyes

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