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Apr 27, 2006

Fish and Drinking
Pie and Beer
Drugs and Drinking
Bank Card Skimming
Cougar Hunting
Romance Novel
Zissou Society Blue Star Cadet
Our Famous Word List


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Apr 21, 2006

The Ropes: "Kill Her Off"

The Capitals: "Throwing Passes"

Bend Sinister: "Hell of Shelter"

The Epitones: "Not Alone"

I Love You But You've Chosen Darkness: "According To Plan"

Sarah Harmer: "Basement Apartment"

Death Cab for Cutie: "Title and Registration"

The Fjords: "When I Think Of You"


Apr 16, 2006

a Trip to the Sunshine Coast
Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada

Points of Interest:
Gibson's Landing
Robert's Creek
Smuggler's Cove

"Kawkawa" by Daniel Karrasch


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Apr 13, 2006

on vacation along the
Sunshine Coast
at Gibsons, BC

The Beachcombers
Smuggler's Cove
Hiking and Diving

Bed and Breakfast
Sushi and Cajun
Fortune Cookies in bed
Romance Novel
our famous word list



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Apr 9, 2006

Roche Limit: "Little Moments" & "Raccoony"

The High Dials: "The Holy Ground"

The Deep Dark Woods: "Downtown"

a poem: "On the Eve of our Lord's Resurrection" by Adam Gratrix
background music: "Summer Rain" by Daniel Karrasch

The Decemberists: "The Soldiering Life"