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Sep 27, 2019

a audio travelogue of sorts


Returning from hiatus, Adam ponders the existential enigmas of podcasting at the western edge of the Canadian imagination. Camping at the Pacific Rim National Park with fellow podcaster @scarboroughdude.

Sep 22, 2017

Part 50 - Nelson and Crowsnest Hwy

an audio travelogue of sorts

Travelling back home from Nelson along the Crowsnest Highway. Adam talks about books he bought, morality, integrating your shadow side, Castlegar Brilliant Suspension Bridge, Christina Lake, Boundary Territory, Osoyoos, ecology, blah blah blah...Stream...

Sep 17, 2017

TransCanada Transpondency

Part 49 - Kooteney Lake 

an audio travelogue of sorts

Camping at Kooteney Lake Provincial Park. Adam hits the highways in search of meteor, stops in Kaslo, and onto Davis Creek campsite. He does some more kayaking and blathers about mining towns and dynamite, blah blah blah...Stream of...

Sep 6, 2017

TransCanada Transpondency

Part 48 - Kayak

an audio travelogue of sort

Kayaking on White Lake in the Shuswap. Adam blathers on about childhood, adventure, creativity, the cycle of life, spirituality, blah blah blah...Stream of consciousness. Music: Haze On The Hills & The Majestic Song by The Tea Party

Sep 4, 2017

TransCanada Transpondency

Part 46 - White Lake (Day)

an audio travelogue of sorts

Camping at White Lake in the Shuswap. Adam blathers on about his life, introvert guilt, political polarization, and what not. Stream of consciousness. Music: Haze On The Hills by The Tea Party