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Mar 28, 2006

Nostradamus and Da Vinci
Today's Gumball is...
Ok Soda
Lord of the Rings Musical
Are you a nerd?
Farce of the Penguins
Shatner turns 75
Sci-fi Convention
Romance Novel
our famous word list


Mar 21, 2006

debut episode of our new podcast

its one of those couple style comedy talk shows
we hope you enjoy it

My Odeo Channel (odeo/c326daa312581b80)

Mar 20, 2006

Suburban Transpondency presents...

Chocolate Covered Hi-Tops
Live Performance from Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

find this band on myspace Click Here

Mar 14, 2006

Cagey House: "The Summer Pump"

Hejira: "I Do But Do You"

Bitstream Dream: "Rising Sun"

Chocolate Covered High Tops: "Far Too Soon"

Black Mountain: "Druganaut"

Young And Sexy: "Curious Organ"

Cowboy Junkies: "Anniversary Song (Live)"

voicemail: 206-202-5191

Mar 7, 2006

Mikhalt: "Rollercoaster"

Greenroom: "Spy Beats" Article: Eight must-hear bands from B.C. that are a-okay

Elias: "Get Some"

The Organ: "Memorize The City"

Bakelite: "Typocritical"

16mm: "Diseases For Kisses"

my teenage poetic tribute to
Douglas Coupland
featuring Cagey House: "Tuesday Was A Swan"

The Book of...