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Dec 29, 2009

  • Binaural recording of Christmas shopping in the mall


  • Rambling talk about Avatar, end of the decade, music revivals, and the singularity


  • Von Hash: "What Is The Question"

    What Is The Question? by Von Hash


  • Terence McKenna on Time, Novelty Theory, and 2012


  • Preparing for the Singularity (a scene from TechnoCalyps featuring Terence McKenna)


  • Star Wars and Joseph Campbell: Hero's Journey

    "Whether it is Odysseus, King Arthur, or Luke Skywalker, the hero is the one who responds to the call to adventure. The stories often open with the hero appearing restless; something is missing in life; there is a feeling of destiny.

    It is a time for separation. Sometimes it takes a shock to make the final break with the past and gain courage to accept the call. But no one can go it alone. Everyone needs a mentor.

    The descent into the underworld of adventure is often blocked by strange and dangerous threshold guardians. They mark the point of no return. Beyond them is the region of the unknown, a dream-like labyrinth of tests and trials. To pass his initiation, the hero must become a dragon slayer, to seize the treasure or rescue the princess.

    But the decisive ordeal of the quest in when the hero confronts death. He is challenged to follow the wisdom of his heart."

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